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No quiero nada con ella, será linda, me gustará su voz, la manera en que ríe, pero no; vi unas fotos de ellos, y se ven tan felices que me hace pensar: ¿Qué hago acá? ¿Qué hago queriendo algo que no es?
No puedo evitar pensar en esa felicidad y sonreír... ¡Qué alegría! ¡Qué gente afortunada de haberse encontrado!
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Good vs Evil
Prologue.......For now is called Good and Evil...
It's incredible how good can change a man...
Even the worst of men can be turned into the kindness itself... but this can't happen
unless he opens his heart and soul...
It's incredible how evil can change a man...
Even the kindest of men can be corrupted, and transformed by evil into the most
hideous monster ever seen... but this can't happen unless he lets evil seduces him...  
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Voice2 : - Happy with what you have done?
Voice1 : - No... but i'm not sad... this means... there's no way back?
Voice2 : - I never said that, and you must never think that way again, ever... no matter
                 what, there's always a way back... But isn't easy... first you 'll have to realize
                 and recognize that you have reach bottom. And from there you'll have
                 climb up again...and this time try to reach the top, but with a real aim.
                 In that journey that is reaching the top, many things will try to knock you
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A truco hand
You'll see... I hate to lie, but it's so easy...
how close from heaven am I ... said one of my brother's friend... when he got 3 sixes
in that hand... I'm saying the same now... despite the fact that I'm not playing cards...  
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What were you thinking when you did this?...
i wonder what kind of thoughts were going through your mind...
have you realized the damage you have done...
when you were doing that... have you realized what you were... causing/provoking...?
i wonder if it was there a single thought crossing your mind in that moment...
well, it's impossible to go back time... i suppose there's nothing left to do now...
no... you're wrong... don't say that again.... now ... you have to... take a deep thought
about/reflect on... the thing you just have done... and think about what you could possibly do
to amend it...
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Dock Sud
Abajo está la versión en inglés, below is the english version...
Dock Sud (Versión Original)
Ni bien salgo del subte o metro; como quieran llamarle, cruzo la calle junto a otras personas; luego empiezo a sacar las monedas para pagar el viaje, me dirijo al único transporte que me llevará a mi destino, el 33 a Ciudad Universitaria (CU), también el cartel decía que iba para Dock Sud, pero eso no me importó ya que decía en letras más grandes que se dirigía a CU. Justo, a punto de subirme veo que detrás de éste llega el 45 a CU, ese bus que era muy familiar para mí, ese del cual ya conocería perfectamente el recorrido si fuera una persona atenta. En ese momento, un hombre me pregunta si me voy a subir, yo le respondo que sí, mientras miro detenidamente al 45, y lo sigo con la mirada aún ya subido al 33, pero estaba al lado de la puerta, y ésta todavía se mantenía abierta y el colectivero
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Abstract Wallpaper :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 2 0 Vegeta :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 1 0 Time lyrics :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 0 0 The Trooper Argentine :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 8 1 Star Wars Glass :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 1 0 Silence and distance lyrics :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 0 0 Shaaman in South Park 1 :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 0 0 Shaaman in South Park 2 :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 1 0 Shaaman in South Park 4 :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 1 0 Shaaman in South Park 3 :iconhyurikken:Hyurikken 0 0


A/W 2016: The Paris Collection
I have been ridiculously busy this summer avoiding all responsibility BUT I'm finally back in the adult world of being (more) on time and checking my emails and all that so hello again old friends! Ohai Guise (Chat Icon) :happy-wave:still eatin  
I have upped and moved (again), this time I'm in Paris for 3 months! You can see the Eiffel Tower from my tiny studio window, I keep leaning out of it to watch it illuminated at night, it really is beautiful. I've made some friends, and brushed the dust off of my old favourite language (poor thing, it got left behind when I started studying Chinese at uni). France (Intro) [V4] 2015 NaNoEmo - #13-17 France France and England (Abduct...) [V1] 
Anyway, I have been tagged not once but twice by the wonderful calliopen and the darling lumine
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by all the gods,
is she lovely—
the sweetest lullaby i have ever heard.
and her fingertips soothe this raging nightmare
which roars inside, a decaying dragon
that one too many knights have slain.
if i could worship at her feet i would.
her temple is guarded by pale clouds and
a witch's moonlight; only ravens
may find their way into her tower 
and break her chains with a featherweight kiss.
i do not feel her embrace every time the darkness whispers.
no, it is only when the ice in my veins
burns hotter than the sun and my voice is lost
in the supernova that hides itself behind a black hole.
it is only then that she is there, a she-wolf who
swallowed the moon, her fangs glimmering
with the lost stars of forgotten prayers.
and i love her for it.
oh, how i love her for it.
she is a castle built from fairy tales and i
would bury myself in the hollow spaces between
the bricks if she asked me to.
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What is Art? Blake's thoughts on the Matter
What is Art?
Blake's thoughts on the Matter
I often come across internet forums and people in general discussing the definition of art. It seems that these people tend to fall into two camps. On the one hand, you have people who thinks that anything that the artist defines as art is art. Artists in this camp—like Marcel Duchamp with his urinals that he found, did not build and claimed were art—seem to think that the art is special because the artist is special. And because the artist, with his or her special eye, thinks it is special it becomes so. In their definition, art is a sort title—like a knighthood, bestowed by the royal artist.
The second camp of people in this argument believe that the “specialness” does not come from the artist but from the virtue of the work itself. Just like with Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and its undeniable beauty, this school of thought holds that there must be some objective quality within the work, which makes it signif
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Street Art - ENJOY THE GAME :iconjohnny-aza:Johnny-Aza 21 13 Coonmonster fin :iconpastaxpa:PastaxPa 4 6 MTG - Garruk Wildspeaker :icondiosboss:Diosboss 42 1 Sorin VS Emrakul :iconstefancelic:StefanCelic 256 15 Sorin Markov :iconbillcreative:BillCreative 277 9 Sorin :icon0corcoran:0Corcoran 233 17 MTG - Liliana Vess :iconvictoradameart:VictorAdameArt 881 19 Liliana Vess :iconbpsola:bpsola 947 21
The roles of blindness, synesthesia in my poetry
Many newcomers will see the backcover blurb on my book, think, "Cool, a blind poet," and then come away from reading it thinking, "BUT WAIT! How does she imagery?"
This is a perfectly reasonable question, especially for those who don't know me personally. I've answered this on a number of occasions since publishing, but I thought it might be cool to share here in case anyone else was wondering. :)
So, close your eyes. I see a little more than the light you see through your eyelids. My laptop monitor is a featureless, glowing rectangle (sometimes it's not even a rectangle). I can make out Jordan's silhouette if the lamp on the endtable next to him is turned on. I can see the sky if it's blue enough, grass if it's green enough, or a firetruck if it's close enough. Things like that. But my vision isn't functional enough that I can'
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Charmander Charmeleon Charizard :icondav-19:DAV-19 6,206 378 Daily Paint 1434. The Walking Bread :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,728 152
24 YouTube Channels to Help Improve your Writing
24 YouTube Channels to Help Improve your Writing
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 11 “Resources” – Section 1 “Youtube Channels”
One of the things that inspired me to begin writing these writing tutorials was that, about a year and a half ago, I came to a frustrating point in my writing where I knew enough about the craft to no longer be a novice but not enough to make my novel publishable. In particular, I wanted to find a Youtube channel that I could listen to while I was cooking or working, so that my skills as a writer could increase. Since then I have found (through research, friends, and even you awesome peeps) a list of videos by which I can do just that, and I want to make sure that you have access to the same. So here is my list of Yout
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Write-a-Novel Exercise 1.1 (TLCE)
Write-a-Novel Exercise 1.1
The Last Christmas Elf
Over the next few weeks, along with the continued publications of my tutorials, I will be doing my own Write-a-Novel Exercises for my creepy-pasta "The Last Christmas Elf". To find out more about this project, click here.
Instructions: To be a writer and write a story of quality, you should know why you want to do so—to know what will drive you undertake this journey. Write about why you want to be a writer, and what you hope to accomplish by your writing. This exercise does not have to be of any particular length, just long enough so that you can move on to the writing of your novel with a clear intent. Interact with others' posts by encouraging them and by finding others with similar goals who could be ide
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No quiero nada con ella, será linda, me gustará su voz, la manera en que ríe, pero no; vi unas fotos de ellos, y se ven tan felices que me hace pensar: ¿Qué hago acá? ¿Qué hago queriendo algo que no es?
No puedo evitar pensar en esa felicidad y sonreír... ¡Qué alegría! ¡Qué gente afortunada de haberse encontrado!
Pensamiento aleatorio que tuve hace dos años, será un texto sencillo pero no quise deshacerme de él.  :)
El Poeta de las Cuerdas (Poet of the Strings) va a ser el nombre que voy a usar para un personaje, protagonista de las cosas que escriba... Se me ocurrió ayer el nombre sin basarme en nada que haya visto, leído o escuchado... parece que está re quemado el nombre ese pero no me importa lo voy a usar igual.... xD...
  • Listening to: Gurú - La perra que los parió


Current Residence: Buenos Aires
Favourite genre of music: Metal....Punk, Reggae, Ska, Rock, Pop, OST....
Favourite style of art: Digital, Graphic Design, Writing
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: My PC...
Favourite cartoon character: Goku, Gohan, Broly, Janemba, Seiya, Camus, Homer, Butters
Personal Quote: "We only really see with the heart. The most important things can't be seen with the eyes.



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